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Advancing Human-Technology Interaction

I am a driven mechanical engineering researcher and innovator, dedicated to advancing human-technology interaction through groundbreaking projects. With a focus on haptic feedback technology and prosthetics, I have made significant contributions to the field through both academic research and practical applications. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Technion, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Following that, I pursued a Direct PhD in Mechanical Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Alon Wolf and Prof. Lihi Zelnik-Manor.

During my PhD, I developed a novel robotic manipulator capable of providing sensations of high-resolution, real-world surfaces. This involved designing mechanisms, electromechanical design, and implementing algorithms to replicate complex textures and surfaces. Additionally, I have been deeply involved in an initiative aimed at developing and distributing low-cost, 3D-printed prosthetic hands worldwide. Leveraging my expertise, I personally distributed over 50 prosthetic hands across five continents. Additionally, I spearheaded the creation and dissemination of more than 30 unique designs tailored to various anatomical amputations, including bionic hands with different HMI interfaces and sensory feedback. All hands were given free of charge, and all designs are open access and available online for anyone to use.

Following my PhD, I continued as a Research Staff member at the Technion, where I led research and development efforts in haptic feedback technology. My project, funded by the Israel Innovation Authority, aimed to commercialize advancements made during my doctoral research. This involved collaboration across various disciplines, including robotics, electronics, and software engineering, to bring haptic feedback systems to market.

Outside of my engineering pursuits, I take pride in the art of fine woodworking, where I channel my creativity into crafting intricate designs with exceptional craftsmanship.

For more details, please explore my portfoliopublications, and my LinkedIn page and feel free to reach out.

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