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Customized prosthetic arms hands, and fingers

Project type

Engineering and design - Low-cost prosthetic hands




Haifa, Israel

This project, encompasses a series of initiatives undertaken at Haifa3D. It offers unique designs tailored for individuals with diverse limb amputations, providing personalized and customizable options. The project emphasizes open access to all design files, and the prosthetic hands produced through these initiatives are distributed free of charge to users.

Additionally, the project introduces a groundbreaking research endeavor aimed at revolutionizing the accessibility and affordability of prosthetic devices. A fully automated fitting and manufacturing pipeline has been developed, allowing for the customization of prosthetic hands in nearly every aspect, from appearance to user interface and feedback mechanisms. Leveraging 3D printing technology, depth cameras, and basic mechanical components, this pipeline streamlines the customization process, making it accessible and efficient.

By enabling users to initiate a fully automated pipeline, the project aims to democratize access to prosthetic hands. The optimized design and manufacturing process not only enhance affordability but also offer a seamless user experience, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals reliant on prosthetic devices.

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