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Haptic glove

Project type

New interaction method


January 2019


Haifa, Israel

Undertaken as part of a graduate course at the Technion, this project aimed to develop a wearable haptic feedback system for an immersive user experience. Two subsystems were proposed: (i) A mechanical feedback mechanism simulating physical interactions, and (ii) A sensory system for personalized feedback.

The prototype focused on two fingers, incorporating four 9DOF IMUs and two resistive flex sensors to measure joint angles and calculate finger positions, along with two force sensing resistors (FSR) for detecting reaction forces.

The mechanical feedback system employed a 3DOF parallel manipulator (3RRS) and a vibration motor. An NI myRIO board served as the central component, facilitating real-time data sampling, analysis, and output control, with data transmitted to a PC for display via USB or WIFI.

The project encompassed software design and architecture, as well as hardware, mechanism design, and manufacturing.

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