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HUGO by Touchtica

Unlocking Boundless Haptic Interactions

Introducing HUGO by Touchtica, a revolutionary device that redefines touch interaction in virtual environments. With HUGO, explore virtual worlds while feeling high-resolution texture, opening a new dimension of sensory stimulation.

The Team


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Unleash the Power of Authentic Sensations

Crafted through meticulous design, HUGO combines a parallel robot and pin array, precisely stimulating the mechanoreceptors found in human skin. Operating at an impressive 200Hz, HUGO enables users to experience the touch of complex surfaces, from coarse to fine, right in the palm of your hand.

Proven Performance, Endless Applications

Developed at the renowned Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, HUGO's performance is rigorously validated and published in top academic publications. With applications in gaming, e-commerce, sensory rehabilitation, and beyond, HUGO transforms industries and enhances lives.

Embrace the Sensory Revolution

Break free from touch limitations with HUGO. Explore every surface, making interactions interactive, immersive, and palpable. Ready to embark on a sensory revolution? Discover HUGO today and redefine your relationship with touch.

For more information, check out our CHI paper:

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